COTS/GOTS Software

We offer Commercial Government Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Government Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) enterprise software solutions from a wide range of major publishers. More than a Value Added Reseller, Scifers & Associates provides System Integration services in which we work hand-in-hand with government and commercial clients to integrate enterprise solutions into existing technology stacks and environments. Our technology integration teams address the needs of enterprise-level solutions to work as a unified whole for optimal performance, scalability and extensibility. Our system integration services include customization, administration and configuration needs to address dependencies across system processes for fully integrated solutions. With thousands of titles available, these solutions span enterprise cyber security, system monitoring, ERP, CRM, productivity, and industry-specific application needs.

Additionally, our commercial clients benefit from volume discounts and discounts on bundled services delivery, and our government agency clients have access to special pricing that flows down from our distributors and partners.

Hardware & Cloud Products

In addition to proprietary products and COTS/GOTS solutions, Scifers & Associates provides public sector and commercial organizations technology hardware from major OEMs. As with enterprise software, our system integration experts assist clients on integration of hardware solutions, spanning needs for performance tuning, monitoring and configuration.

Complementing hardware products like computers, networking equipment, servers and peripherals, we offer virtualization options. Scifers & Associates can facilitate augmenting hardware with Cloud-based solutions for hybrid environments, and our engineers have experience transitioning from on-prem to completely virtualized Cloud environments.

Oriented toward bringing both performance and value to our customers, as well proprietary and COTS/GOTS solutions, we also offer special pricing to public sector entity clients, and volume discounts to commercial customers.

Proprietary/Specialty Products

Scifers & Associates offers proprietary products tailored for specific industry needs. Individual solutions were developed in-house, in collaboration with our partners, or by partners. We also develop customized solutions from scratch. Current product offerings include solutions for the following industries:

  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government
  • Supplier Diversity

For detailed information on products tailored to your industry, please contact us