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John Scifers founded Scifers & Associates as his third national Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business, distilling over 20 years of experience delivering products and services to government and commercial customers.

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COTS/GOTS software and hardware, equipment, and proprietary Cloud/Mobile/Desktop solutions for business and government



COTS/GOTS software and hardware, equipment, and proprietary Cloud/Mobile/Desktop solutions for business and government.

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Seasoned Leadership, Proven Results

Leadership with decades of experience serving government and the public

John Scifers is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as a proven technology executive, with a history of building effective teams and bringing value-driven solutions to both large commercial and public sector customers. He brings a background in .NET and mobile development, as well as enterprise software testing automation, to bear on Scifers & Associates’ technology-centric services. A U.S. Navy Veteran active in the veteran community, and with a history of several government appointments, he brings an understanding of government customer needs to ensure successful service delivery.

Primary NAICS Code: 541511 Custom Computer Programming

Core NAICS Codes: •541511 •511210 •541519 •518210 •541330 •541512 •541513 •541611 •541612 •541613 •541618 •541990 •561320

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 A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Illinois Bicentennial Honor 200 Honoree

[Y]ou have been chosen by the selection committee as an Illinois Bicentennial Honor 200 Honoree. Your time, energy, and contributions to your fellow veterans, service members, and local community, are recognized as going above and beyond the call of duty…The Honor 200 award nominations were evaluated on the achievements and the contributions made by each Honoree that have aided, benefited and provided inspiration to your local communities and your fellow veterans.

Governor Bruce Rauner, State of Illinois

John Rak Award

John Scifers stands head and shoulders above the vast majority of his peers, and has exhibited leadership not only through establishing and growing prominent Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses, but in his mentoring and guiding other veterans to achieve success.

Chairman Robert Mulz, Elite SDVOB Network

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